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The “AUTHOR” aka Dell Mance

(Supports both liberal & conservative views on a myriad of issues)

Believes you don’t have to agree with everything a particular party puts on their platform blindly and are free to pick and choose candidates/issues using morals, values, ethics and common sense. Fairness, objectivity, compromise and most of one party should have absolute control. “Keeping them honest”

Americans should also understand that “you are not going to get rid of the 2nd or 3 American in line that disagrees with you.” So do we waste time going back and forth writing laws then reversing every time power changes? Huge waste of time, energy and money.


Favorite Line

”If it’s’s WRONG” vice versa.

The Plan for this Blog

Facilitating honest, meaningful and “fact-based” discussion in a cordial manner. we go. Created this forum for those who enjoy discussing local, state, national and world events to include politics. If you want to comment on an event go right ahead. When you want to comment, reply or desire to state your opinion on a political matter...follow this guide.



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Making the Debate Legit


1-Subject/@Issue: Topic of discussion. (I/R/D/L) political affiliation.

2-Stance: State where you stand. Against/Support, For/Against, Agree/Disagree, No Comment/Indifferent.

3-Statement of Point/Argument: Contributor/Respondents should give a brief, concise yet detailed statement on his/her view. Remarks should be coherent, non-evasive, contain no profanity, nor personal attacks against another or it shall risk not being published or being deleted.

4-Sources: Provide facts to include articles, links, news sources, studies, quotes credits or disclaimers regarding where your information originated.

5-Solution: People complain or offer an opinion often but rarely offer solutions. This is your big chance...How do you propose to solve the issue/problem/process.

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Getting more people to do this...”The Example..”

1. Tax Reform

2. (I) In general Support, Current House/Senate bills - Against

3. Is tax reform needed-Yes. This bill is tax reform for the sake of “Reform” but is detrimental to Lower/Middle/Upper Middle income earners in this country.

4. Fact, Committee Chairman’s of the House own admission, Republican Susan Collins Statements.

5. Mega Corporations reduce tax to 30% no loopholes or subsidies for 3 years then reduce 1% per year over next 5 years to 25%. (Similar to how they have stalled and delayed American workers pay adjustment for inflation)
Medium/Small Corporations reduce tax to 28% minimal loopholes for 5 years then reduce 2% over 3 years to 22%

Pass through taxes on small businesses immediately reduce tax by 10% then additional 20% over next 5 years totaling 30% reduction.

Average Americans provide $2500/1500/500 rebate check depending on tax bracket and reduce tax burden by 2% over next 5 years totaling 10%.

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